Do Not Throw Away The Green Picks of Spring Onions! Read Why?

Generally, we never use the green picks of the young onions mostly because many people do not know the healthy benefits they possess. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, they can help with colds, stress, and fatigue. Also, they can help regulate the high blood pressure and maintain proper stress level.

Do Not Throw Away The Green Picks of Spring Onions

If you have inflamed throat, you can treat it with a piece of onion, grated ginger and salt. Shred the ingredients and put them together in a towel. Wrap well and place the towel onto the inflamed area (head, arms or back).

Spring onions can also help you treat your swollen legs. First, cook the onions for a few minutes. Then, mix them well in a blender until they turn into a paste. Apply this paste to your swollen body parts. This is a very useful recipe which has been used for thousands of years.

Source: justnaturallife

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