Do Trees Have Feelings? Must Check!

The amazing and hidden life of plants:
Are plants intelligent? While visiting a friend in Australia many years ago, I was invited to see a large marijuana growing operation which used hydroponics and halogen lights. The garden was in a large room and the pants were arranged in neat rows. On one side of the room the plants seemed taller and fuller, gradually diminishing as they were positioned away from one particular corner. I mentioned the obvious difference to the owner of the operation and he explained that the corner with the most productive plants was where he had his stereo.

Curious, I asked him what kind of music the plants liked. He told me they preferred mostly classical but that he had recently had better results with recordings of crickets.


According to the gardener, crickets usually chirp right before a rain. He theorized that the sound tricked the plants to open their stomata’s, the breathing pores on the underside of the leaves, and he gave them a mist containing Miracle-grow which they readily absorbed.

Can plants actually hear sound? This was the conclusion of Cleve Backster back in the 1960s. He’s the former CIA interrogation specialist that connected polygraph sensors to plants and discovered that they reacted to harm (i.e. cutting their leaves) and even to harmful thoughts of humans in proximity to them.

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Backster decided on impulse to attach his polygraph electrodes to the now-famous dracaena in his office, then water the plant and see if the leaves responded. Finding that the plant indeed reacted to this event, he decided to see what would happen if he threatened it, and formed in his mind the idea of lighting a match to the leaf where the electrodes were attached.

And that was when something happened that forever changed Baxter’s life and ours. For the plant didn’t wait for him to light the match. It reacted to his thoughts!


Through further research, Baxter found that it was his intent, and not merely the thought itself, that brought about this reaction.

He also discovered that plants were aware of each other, mourned the death of anything (even the bacteria killed when boiling water is poured down the drain), strongly disliked people who killed plants carelessly or even during scientific research, and fondly remembered and extended their energy out to the people who had grown and tended them, even when their “friends” were far away in both time and space.

In fact, he found, plants can react “in the moment” to events taking place thousands of miles away. And not only are they psychic, they also are prophetic, anticipating negative and positive events, including weather.

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Nervous systems in plants?
An Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadishchandra Bose, invented a instrument named crescograph and did many experiments on plants. A famous biologist, Dr. Bose showed that plants can feel, in their own way. “Suppose there is a lush green plant and its leaves are a sparkling green in the shining sunlight. We feel like pulling out a leaf to feel it. But we do not think of what goes on inside the plant. Maybe, we feel that the plant does not suffer like us. But the plant does suffer. In fact the pulsation of the plant stops where the leaf was plucked. In a short time the pulsation again begins at the spot, but this time very slowly. And then it completely stops. That spot is as good as dead for the plant.”

Dr. Bose also expounded on the ‘nervous mechanism’ of plants — the ability of plants to recognize and react to the individual who has committed an act of violence (particularly toward a plant) in their ‘presence’.


Darwin was fascinated by the reactions of plants to external stimuli — especially with carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). He believed its almost instantaneous response touch and the way the plant snapped its trap shut around an insect indicated the presence of a central nervous system – such as that of an animal.

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This is not a joke, this is reality. Think for a bit Tree provides us Fresh air, Fruits. They save our environment, as well as they have feelings, they feel pain also. If you care about  tree then please like and share it with your friends and family!

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