Bad habits are so difficult to handle, especially when you are not even aware that you are doing it. A tricky thing to deal with is the nail biting and sometimes you feel like your nails are like a magnet for your lips. But, these few facts are something to remember if you want to chew your nails again.


First thing that you need to know is that your fingernail is full of bacteria and this may seem not very attractive for chewing anymore, right? You may want to forget about this awful fact, but if you chew your nails it can lead to the spread of STI’s and if you know this you can stop the need of your fingers to be near your mouth.

The ones that chew their nails will keep doing that around the skin of their nail and this can make your finger look like a big filled balloon. This bad infection which is caused by the bacteria which goes into open wounds may lead to pus which must be drained with surgery only and it can be very painful.

You are  not only doing damage to your nail but damage is done to your mouth too because if you bite your nails it can lead to very bad breath and also gross gums. Also, if you wear braces you can cause serious permanent damage to your teeth.

This is a very bad habit because can lead also into biting your molars when you are sleeping at night.


Even though we know that are nails are fill with bacteria, we continue to chew them and with that we make things even worse by letting bacteria to take over our health.

Other interesting fact is that our nail polisher can be toxic especially for those who chew their nails with nail polisher on them.

If you are thinking that your nails will eventually grow back you are wrong, because in some cases,  because of the damage, your nails may never grow back.

Source: fiftyshadesofhealth

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