Do you drink RED BULL? Read this shocking truth…

 क्या आप red bull  पीते हैं?

 Energy drinks contain an ingredient extracted from bull semen and urine, revealed a study conducted by Longhorn Cattle Company and a leaked video. If you enjoy your energy buzz while reading this article, you may decide to move on, or to put your drink to the side before your stomach revolts.

Did you ever wonder where the name Red Bull comes from?

No leading energy drink brands like Red Bull, Monster, and others can exactly be called vegetarian friendly, reports the Daily Buzz.

The drinks tested by LCC contain the substance Taurin, called after the Latin word Taurus. Translated into English it means Bull, which also explains the name of the world leading brand of energy drinks.

Taurin was first isolated from ox bile by Australian scientists Tiedeman and Gmelon in 1827. Taurin is often falsely described as an amino acid, ignoring that it lacks carboxyl. Taurin is found in the livers of bulls, as well as in their semen and urine, which prompts the question where the manufacturers of Red Bull, Monster and other bullish energy drinks are getting their Taurin from.

The DailyBuzz published a leaked video, reportedly from the company that delivers the substance to the drink manufacturers. The video provides the answer and it’s not from the bulls liver.

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The employee who leaked the video paid for his disclosure of the horny bulls and semen extraction  with losing his job; reportedly, because he had violated company policy.

Whether these facts matter for you or how much it would matter is, of course, an entirely personal issue and a matter of taste. Now that you know what choices you have, you can decide yourself that these kind of drinks should be completely banned in our society.

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