Do You Have Too Much Belly Fat? Maybe This is All What Your Body Needs!

Most of the people don’t have the same belly shape, nor do they get the abdominal fats in the same way. The discovery of the cause is the half solution for reducing your belly fat.

Some people have always had a big belly, while others get it due to the slowing down of the metabolism in their 30s. However, in most cases it is a result of heavy drinking.

Do You Have Too Much Belly Fat! Maybe This is All What Your Body Needs!

Once you’ve identified your belly type, you can transform it following this tailor-made plan and get that flat belly fast.

‘’Wine’’ belly

This type of belly is due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, and it is easy to spot as the fat is accumulated only in the lower abdomen.

So, you should avoid alcohol and you’ve solved your problem.

Bloated belly

This type of belly is usually flat in the morning,, but swell throughout the day due to gas or  indigestion.

Try to determine which foods interfere with your digestion or do some tests in order to arrange your meals.

Stress belly 

This belly type is similar like the bloated one, but the difference is that the stress belly is significantly softer to the touch and it is likely to hang. Stress tummies are easy to spot, as the weight is specific to the front of the midriff and the umbilical area, which can make your waist look bad.

Besides the logical suggestion to reduce stress, it is advisable to do light physical activity on a daily basis.

Pear-shaped belly 

Even if you have a small waist , you may have a pear-shaped belly in the form of hard-line waist fat exclusively in the lower abdomen, accompanied with accumulated fat in the buttocks and thighs.

This type of belly is common for women, and it is usually caused by hormone imbalance, as well as some diseases such as endometriosis.

You should avoid foods that are known for raising the level of the female sex hormone – estrogen.

Mummy belly 

The ideal solution for boosting fat – burning in this type of belly is to regularly do body exercises such as squats, sit-ups and aerobic activity.

‘’Thyroid’’ belly

People, who have excess fat everywhere, especially in the belly area, are likely to experience thyroid gland problems.

If you are diagnosed with thyroid disorders, you should take therapy regularly and turn to natural therapies such as drinking herbal teas.

Moreover you should increase the number of meals per day and avoid the intake of sugary foods.

Source: Just Healthy Lifestyle

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