Do You Know Burnt Food Harm The Body?

We know that the burnt foods are bad for the body. The european society in charge of food safety, the EFSA confirmed this rumor performing a thorough analysis of a long series of foods that are likely to scorching and discovering that in these circumstances increases the risk of contracting even a tumor.

Many foods, such as cakes, potato chips, bread and coffee, if they are cooked in an exaggerated way, cause the formation of acrylamide. A name that apparently does not raise any kind of feeling, but that really should make us fear for our health.

Is eating burnt food bad for you

In fact, it is an extremely dangerous substance for animals and also for men. This is because it can damage the genetic heritage of animals and provocate tumors. Although this analysis has not yet been shown the way for humans, EFSA scientists emphasized the risk for men and women, in particular for children because their body is not very robust.

We must therefore be very careful to cooking food, which must be at moderate temperatures. The consequence can be constituted also by a series of dangerous genetic mutations. But what is needed to prevent the risk of acrylamide? You need to take some precautions and make sure that foods are cooked to proper temperatures.

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