Do You Know That Virabhadrasana Helps To Reduce The Weight ? See!!!

Virbhadrasana literally means ‘the warrior pose’ in Sanskrit. It can actually be performed in three sets of variations. But if you wish to burn calories, lose belly fat and tone your muscles effectively you should aim to achieve all the three poses flawlessly. Once you have achieved them perfectly, switch from one variation to another in continuation so that your muscles remain engaged for a long time.


Virbhadrasana 1:
It strengthens your lungs and your back muscles. It also activates your thighs, hips and belly region.

Steps to do this pose:
Stand erect with feet close together and arms by your sides.

Lunge with your right leg forward, keeping the left foot flat on the floor behind. Your arms should be stretched above your head.

Slowly bend your left knee and lunge further by lifting the left heel off the floor.

Inhale as you twist your upper body and arch your back.

Hold this position for five breaths.

Veerbhadrasana 1youtube

Virbhadrasana 2:
It is slightly different from the 1st warrior pose. After you successfully balance yourself in the 1st pose, you could try this variation to further strengthen your muscles.

Steps to do the pose:
From Virbhadrasana 1, slowly straighten your foot that was earlier bent behind.

Slowly place the heel of the behind leg on the floor. Make sure your knee is not bent.

Twist your upper body so that you face sideways and raise your hands to either side.

Hold this position for five breaths.

Christopher O'Melia Bluhmanahataproject

Virbhadrasana 3:
This pose strengthens thigh muscles and tones your shoulders and back. It helps tone your core muscle, helping you burn belly fat.

Steps to do this pose:
From Virbhadrasana 2, relax your upper body as you twist it to the original position, facing the front.

Slowly straighten your right knee (front leg) as you take your left foot off the floor.

Extend your upper body and arms forward as you keep raising the behind foot (left) until you bring it is parallel to the floor (as shown in the picture).

Make sure the supporting foot (right foot) is firm on the floor and knee is straight.

Hold this position for five breaths.

Veerbhadrasana 3sportsyogahawaii

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