Do you know the health benefits of Guava?

Guavas are a very common type of fruit but are often neglected because of their hardness and presence of seeds.
 Here are some health benefits of Guava:
1. Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin A-B-C and Content Folic and Nicotinic Acid.

 2. Prevents Prostate Cancer and High Blood Pressure.

 3. Remedy for Prolonged Menstruation, Asthma, Acidosis, Catarrh.

4. Cough and Cold Fighter, acts as a Respiratory track disinfectant.

5. Relieves Constipation, improves Digestion system, helps in Losing Weight.

6. Battles Diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels and avoiding scurvy.

All of these qualities make guava a super-fruit .
Enjoy the fruit and be Healthy!
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