Do You Know This Footwear Can Endanger Your Health?

Warm long days are easily submitted with bare feet. This is why many people choose flip flops. But do you know this footwear can endanger your health?

You may be wondering how it is possible, but there are many reasons that can cause your feet to suffer rather than relax.

Do You Know This Footwear Can Endanger Your Health

– Flip flops cause disease

While wearing flip flops your feet are exposed to bacteria and viruses from the environment. So if your skin is damaged, it can be a big problem. Bacteria multiply very quickly if the damaged skin area is directly exposed to them.

– Flip flops destroy both toes and heels

Wearing flip-flops will make your feet completely dirty. By constantly wearing flip flops the appearance of your feet, which will start to look untidy, will change i.e. your will have an aesthetic problem.

– Flip flops cause pain and change body posture

This kind of footwear will not bring you stability and this is why those who wear them have problems with hips, pelvis and knees. Wearing flip-flops is not recommended particularly to those people who have improper posture.

– Flip flops make you clumsy

A study has shown that people who wear flip flops make smaller steps and move slower than those who wear ordinary slippers. The design of this footwear is such that it does not provide stability of the foot, so it is highly likely to trip over and fall.

Source: timefornaturalhealthcare

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