Do You Know? This Spoon Massage Will Help You Preserve Your Youth And Beauty!

Performing a proper face massage is important for every woman over 30. This is related to the fact that the elasticity of the skin begins to weaken, and the subcutaneous tissue becomes more visible. This spoon massage will help you preserve your youth and beauty. It comes recommended by the German doctors-cosmetologists Renée Koch.

So why is this treatment so good?

Quite simply, you can achieve amazing results at home: throw out excess fluid from your tissue, improve blood circulation, make the skin taut and elastic, reduce wrinkles and restore facial contours and expressiveness. No cost. For 10-12 days you can achieve incredible results, if you perform this massage daily.

Spoon massage

The massage technique is very simple. You will need a few teaspoons, a glass of cold water with ice cubes, and a smaller bowl with warmed oil (olive, marigold, flax, sunflower). Then perform the procedure according to the following scheme:

Remove your make-up with face wash and apply a moisturizing cream. Meanwhile disinfect the teaspoons with alcohol and put them in a glass with water and ice.

Put the cooled teaspoon close to your upper eyelids. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat this five times. When the teaspoon gets warm replace it for a cold one. Do the same process on the lower eyelids. In this way you reduce the swelling of the eyelids and reduce dark circles.

After, the spoons should be left for a short time in the heated oil and you can start a facial massage. With slight pressure move the teaspoons along the massage lines.
massage lines

The basic massage lines: Massage spoons – realistic facial rejuvenation.

– At the forefront of the upper part of the nose to the temples and hairline

– On the eyelids in a circular motion from the inner corner and again to him

– On the cheeks, nose from the nostrils to the temples

– From the chin to the temples

– Neck, from its inception to the chin

– Every movement should be carried out at least 10 times.

Each time the teaspoon starts being hard to glide on your face, add some more oil.

After the massage you should wash your face with warm water.

The optimal duration of this massage is 10 minutes. But increase the duration daily. Start with 1-2 minutes, and then add a minute every day. On the 10th day the massage should last 10 minutes.

Already after the first day, your face will feel the effect – full of relaxation!

Source: HealthyFoodTeam

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