Do You Know Vegetarian Food Is A Boon For Us?

Vegetarian food is considered to be a boon for this earth. Every food has some or the other medical advantage. Consuming nutritious vegetarian food helps a person to overcome many diseases. There are many people who stopped consuming non-vegetarian food for taking all the advantages of only vegetarian food. 
Here are few vegetables which are a boon for us:
Garlic can help you fight with heart diseases. It is known to reduce cholesterol.
Beetroot is rich in iron. It is considered good for increasing hemoglobin in your blood.
Carrot is good for vision.Carrots have a wide range of nutritional and health benefits that not only keep your system healthy and well-functioning but also help to reduce additional fats and keep your body slim.


Turmeric, a species of spice, is an ayurvedic medicine. Doctors do suggest consuming spoonful turmeric for the ones who are suffering from cough and cold. It can help in improving your skin too.


These were just some examples of beneficial vegetarian foods. Vegetarians are much cooler than the Non Vegetarians.
So Eat More Vegetables … Live Healthy… and Be Happy  !!!
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