Do You Know What Kind Of Milk You Are Drinking?

Most often we buy products without being aware that they might be dangerous for our health. One such example is the milk which numbers on the bottom of the pack show two different meanings.

Do You Know What Kind Of Milk You Are Drinking

Everyone should be aware of these numbers which start from 1 to 5. The first meaning of the numbers show how many times the milk has been reprocessed and recycled. A legal regulation allows the manufacturer reprocess the milk at 190oC sending it back to the markets. It can be reprocessed 5 times legally printing the number of times that has been done.

Each packet should have these numbers 123456, and when one of them is missing it shows how many times it has been reprocessed, for example, 12356, here the number 4 is missing meaning that the milk expired 4 times, or was pasteurized 4 times.

However, there are some packages with only one number which show the same thing. If you bought a whole box, you can see that they are mixed up where one number missing from one package is applied on the other one.

According to some data, these numbers have nothing to do with the milk, but show how many times the packing has been recycled. Nevertheless, we are aware that the milk is reprocessed and many countries around the world actually allow this process.

Source: naturalmedicinehouse

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