Do you want to wait in line to get killed?

हम सिनेमा की टिकट लेने, 
तत्काल का आरक्षण लेने,
बिजली का बिल भारवाने के लिये लाईन मे नही लगना चाहते 
लेकिन इन बेजुबान जीवों को मौत की लाईन मे भी लगना पड़ता है !
Source – uday ganga fb page
we should not eat Animals. They also have a right to live!

We should not wear cloths made of animal skin. Protect animals in every possible way.
Stop this…..this is the most henious crime……

All animals are loveable

Nobody can do everything, But everyone can do something…Please Share this message with everyone. 
Love animals, Be Vegetarian.
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