Doctors Are Urging You To Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here’s Why!

Doctors alerted parents over the country with very simple message:

Stop feeding your kids with hot dogs!

hot dogsSince, hot dogs are favorite food of every American citizen, this represents a big problem. I remember when I ate grilled hot dogs, and hot dogs mixed with mac and cheese for the 4th of July.

I can feel the taste when I think about hot dogs. Around 155 million of hot dogs are consumed every 4th of July. That means a lot of health issues!

According to the latest research, children who consume a dozen hot dogs every month have nine times higher risk to develop leukemia. Pregnant women that eats only one hot dog per week is more likely to have child that has higher change to develop a brain tumor. This is equal for the fathers, too. Fathers who regularly eat hot dogs are more likely to have child with some type of cancer.

Why is this happening?

The main reason lays in nitrite additives. These additives are added to hot dogs to combat botulism. When the hot dog is cooked, amines and nitrates are combined. Amines are natural ingredient in the meat, but when they from N-nitroso, they become highly carcinogenic compound.

If you decide to have some hot dogs with your family, be sure to look for nitrite-free meat or limit the number of hot dogs you and your family consume. You can also ask your local supermarket to begin carrying only nitrite-free meat, and lobby in the local school board to avoid hot dogs with nitrates.

After everything we stated in this article the question is

Do you still want to consume hot dogs?

Source: Health Tips Portal

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