Does Okra (Bhindi) Help With Diabetes? Find Out Here!

Okra is a healthy green vegetable with many other names like lady’s finger, bhindi and gombo.

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It has several health benefits attributed to its superior fiber and mucilage content. These properties of Lady finger stabilize the blood sugar in a diabetic patient by controlling the rate at which sugar is absorbed from his intestinal tract.

This anti-diabetic activity of Okra (lady finger) is proved both in Vitro (Laboratory) and Vivo (animal) studies. Both the studies published in scientific journals showed a gradual decrease in blood glucose levels with regular feeding of Okra.

So if you are suffering from diabetes, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor and try this easy treatment at home.

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If you have any problems with sugar then try eating okra (bhindi) for a month and see if you start feeling better! 🙂 and do not forget to share this healthy information with your friends and family!!!

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