Drink Orange Juice Everyday For Great Skin!

Drinking orange juice can make you more beautiful, according to a study by a panel of health and beauty experts.


The research revealed that nutritionists and beauty experts now advise a daily glass of orange juice to improve skin, hair and nails.
The panel of experts attribute the benefits to the vitamin C, potassium and folic acid it contains.

Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen, along with super nutrient Lutein.

Its yellow pigment is linked to reducing sun-induced skin damage and is believed to improve elasticity of the skin.

A 200ml glass of orange typically contains 60mg vitamin C and equates to 100 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily amount.
Nutritionist Amanda Ursell said: “The adage of ‘you are what you eat’ is not a new one but science has lagged behind in determining the effect nutrition has on our skin, hair and nails.

“Beauty experts are starting to see the benefits of a glass of this nutrient packed product, realizing it isn’t just what you put on your body but what you put into it too.”

The research was undertaken with 200 beauty industry workers who are members of CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women).

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Two thirds of beauty professionals (65 per cent) say they recommend clients drink a glass a day as part of their current beauty routine.

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