Easy Weekend Diet with Water for Shaping your Body !

If you have time, commit a few days to your body, for example the weekends for the diet with water.

For this, the next method of eating is best: Immediately after waking, drink a glass of water, rich in trace minerals, which is at room temperature.

Warning: Do not apply any diet or nutrition regime without consulting a doctor.

Diet with water:

Breakfast: tea, yogurt with fresh fruit, a piece of whole-grain bread, toasted in the toaster with a teaspoon of honey.

Snack: drained carrots, celery, lemon and green apple.

Lunch: salad, 80 g fresh cheese (preferably goat), an integral piece of bread, toasted in the toaster, and two pieces of fresh pineapple.

Snack: green apple and a few nuts.

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