Eating With Fingers Is More Healthier!

Not always is the well-mannered and gracious way of eating with unique cutlery the best way of eating. It is proved that that is not the healthiest way of eating.

To your surprise, sometimes the uncultivated way of eating, which is eating with your fingers and licking them at the same time, can be healthier. Not only is this method healthier, but it also prevents some illnesses.

Eating With Fingers Is More Healthier!

Prevention of Diabetes Type 2

People that eat their food fast have increased risk of type 2 diabetes. If we take in consideration the fact that eating with fork and knife is way quicker than eating with your hands, then it is clear that we need to eat in a discourteous way whenever we get the chance for it.

This is precisely what we are talking about: in a situation when you eat chips, if you use your hands you will probably get one or two chips, and if you use the fork, you will probably pick up 5 or 6 of them. Eating slower is always the best way of eating.

Digestion Improvement

The recommended thing you should do after your meal is to wash your hands so that the bacteria of them become eliminated. Still, not all bacteria are harmful; there are also good bacteria, which are useful also because they fight the bad and the harmful ones. While you eat with your hands, you take in the good bacteria in your body alongside with the food.

Also, the nerve ends on your fingers are sending signals to the brain about the type of food you take in, also information about its temperature, whether it is soft or firm, and thus, your digestive tract is already prepared for the food that comes to be digested.

Prevents Overeating

Many people who use their hands only while they eat are slim. This is because they do not eat too much. The problem of overeating in children can be solved very easy and effortlessly if their parents let them use their hands for eating.

The safest way to remain in shape

People who are multitasking during eating eat more than people who just sit at the table and eat.

Eating with both hands makes you busy and concentrated on your meal only, since your hands are greasy, unwashed and you cannot use them for anything else. This is good because you do not get distracted by other things and you only focus on the food in front of you, and this makes you able to estimate the amount of the food you have taken in during that particular meal and when is the time to stop.

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