Eating your way through Menopause

  • Menopause can cause several unpleasant symptoms.
  • Hot flashes are usually the worst side of menopause.
  • Healthy food can help make things a lot easier.

When you enter your menopausal years, you may not recognise at first what is really happening to you. You experience erratic sleeping patterns, hot flashes, fatigue and lack of concentration. All of this can be hard to deal, but with time and healthy habits, you can get through this phase of life and live to tell the tale.

Diet to deal with menopause

Some women have very few symptoms or problems as they pass through menopause. But most have at least some temporary symptoms, and some struggle with problems that really disrupt their lives.
The perfect hormonal balance is what every woman needs for a healthy and happy life. When all your hormones are in sync, then you eventually lead a happy and content life. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an easy feat especially when our bodies go through so much. Moreover, our body gets contaminated with chemical infused food, beverage and beauty products.

Unhealthy intake of food also pushes our body towards chronic disease. Also, women who do not have adequate level of happy hormones also suffer some sexual and gynaecological problems.

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