Effective And Instant Diet – Lose 5 Pounds in 3 Days !

Apple diet is one of the most precisely because of brevity and the results that are given. Apples have minimal amount of calories and for a period of 3 days you can lose up to 5 pounds. Potassium and fruit acid are a great team for burning calories, improving metabolism and regulating digestion. Glucose which can be found in abundance, maintains blood sugar levels properly.

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What is the plan for this diet with apples?

The first day should be a breakfast consisting of whole-grain bread with fresh cow cheese and three slices of apple. For snacks eat plain biscuits and an apple, while lunch can be plentiful.

The second day – Start your day with oatmeal 30g, 130ml of milk, a tablespoon of raisins, 1 apple, and for snack you can eat another apple. For an afternoon snack drink 80g of low fat yogurt and chop apples. The meal consists of 40g of rice mixed with half a banana and 1 apple.

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The third day should be started with a piece of whole-grain bread, 3 tablespoons of cow cheese and apples, and for snack chop 1 apple in 140g of yogurt and add a little lemon and cinnamon. Apples should be your afternoon snack, and finish the diet with fresh salad of 2 carrots, 1 apple, raisins and a spoon of 50g low fat cheese.

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During these 3 days, be sure to drink at least 1 liter of water a day. You will be amazed how much easier and healthier you will feel just after 72 hours.

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