Effective Tips For Natural Skin Care! They Really Work!

Are you looking for natural skin care tips? Stop more searching as you have come to the right place. Here are some effective tips which will make your skin glow naturally.

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Rose Water
Wash your face twice a day with rose water. It acts as a tonic for your skin.

Olive Oil
It works amazing for dry skin and also helps in grooming the skin.

It is well known for its medicinal properties. Apply mint juice on your face every night for a week and see the difference.

Cleansing Milk
Use cleansing milk when you come back home, it removes the unseen dirt from your face.

Gentlly rubbing honey on your face will make your skin soft and beautiful.

Body Scrub
You can make a body scrub at home, it will be cheap and effective. Add little amount of sea salt to the olive oil, and use it as a gentle body scrub.

It is also used to lighten the skin. Rub it on the face or make lemon juice and spray it on face.

It is used to detoxify the body. Use neem face wash or neem face pack, it treats oily skin well.

It’s regular use helps in treating skin problems. Apply cucumber slices on face on a hot summer afternoon and see the difference!

Wash your face with coconut water, it results in softening the skin.

Apply a papaya based mask, it removes dead skin.

Papaya Based Mask


Fenugreek or Methi
It is used for whitening the skin. It helps in preventing pimples and treats the blackheads too.

It helps in lightening the blemishes. It also helps in treating multi skin problems.

Do’s and Don’t for Skin Beauty


Drink Lemon Juice


Drink lemon juice
Do exercise regularly
Eat some good fats
Drink plenty of water
Take nutritional diet
Apply sunscreen lotion before going out in sun
Give your skin a dry brush exfoliation
Eat high fiber snacks
Cleanse and moisturize the skin daily in the morning and evening
Take a healthy sleep


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Don’t over wash your face
Avoid exposure to sun
Avoid cosmetics
Avoid heavy makeup
Avoid sugar in excess
Avoid foundations
Don’t eat junk foods

These are some natural skin care tips. Achieve a great skin by applying these simple tips in your day to day life. Having a beautiful skin is an asset of a women. You can also become beautiful in few weeks. Just try them, they are really very effective.



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