Eliminate All Toxins From The Body In 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan


You feel tired and you lack energy, your skin is dry and your eye circles are just impossible to cover? These are all signs that your body is “poisoned” with harmful substances, i.e. toxins.

This condition of the organism makes you an ideal candidate for viruses and flu. What your body desperately needs is a detoxification.

Every time is right to clean the organism, to strengthen it and to return its energy. Choose the weekend and prepare a menu that will clean your body from all harmful substances.

The detoxification of the body can be made by a purifying process which can include five organs: kidney, liver, intestines, lungs and the lymph.

This process has certain requirements, like eating a low fat food, meat, potatoes and sweets, and drinking as much liquids as you can.

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