Energy Efficient Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. Reasons to Get Back to Incandescent Bulbs

Lots of people are struggling to save electricity and money in different ways. For instance, they start using environmentally- friendly bulbs, which are proved to use less electricity, instead of the standard ones. Nevertheless, due to the toxic substances found in these energy efficient light bulbs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published an emergency protocol which has to be followed in case the bulb has broken in order to protect people from the poison and toxins released from it. A team of researchers from the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institute conveyed a survey for the German`s Federal Environment Agency about these bulbs and they proved that, if broken inside, these light bulbs release 20 times the maximum tolerable mercury concentration into the air.


Energy efficient light bulbs can cause:

  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Cluster headaches
  • Inability to concentrate

Energy Efficient Bulbs Cause Anxiety, Migraines, and Even Cancer. Reasons to Go Back to Incandescent Bulbs

  1. Energy efficient bulbs contain mercury which is considered to be terribly harmful for children and pregnant women. This potent neurotoxin mostly damages the brain, the liver, the nervous system and the kidneys. Furthermore, it is harmful for the immunity, the reproduction and the cardiovascular system. This substance can also cause anxiety, tremors, memory loss, insomnia, headaches, and even cancer and Alzheimer`s.
  2. Energy efficient bulbs can lead to cancer

Peter Braun conducted a research in Berlin, Germany`s Alab Laboratory and proved that these bulbs are full of cancer causing poisons including:

Phenol- a medium acidic toxic white crystalline solid, which is produced from coal tar and used in chemical manufacture.

Naphthalene- a violate white crystalline substance, made by the distillation of coal tar, used as a raw material for producing chemicals and in moth balls.

Styrene- an unsaturated liquid hydrocarbon, produced as a petroleum byproduct.

  1. Energy saving light bulbs emit a lot of UV rays.

These bulbs also emit UV-B and traces of UV-C radiation which are proved to be highly damaging for the eyes and the skin, and may cause cancer. They emit radiation which directly attacks the immunity and prevents the skin from providing proper amount of vitamin D-3.

To conclude, due to the toxidity, these bulbs are considered a harmful waste and it is not recommended to put them in the garbage. If, by any case, a bulb breaks in your house, you have to open all the windows and stay out of the house for 15 minutes in order to protect yourself from the poisonous gas. Unluckily, the incandescent light bulbs will not be available on the market any longer. Incandescent light bulbs are being eliminated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) and the energy efficient compact fluorescent ones (CFL) are being preferred.

Source: Health Online Central

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