Looking at the child while is choking and not knowing how to act in that moment is the most frightening and stressful situation for each parent.

EVERY PARENT’S NIGHTMARE HOW TO SAVE YOUR BABY FROM CHOKING WITHIN 3 MINUTESThere are periods when children put in their mouths everything that they found in their surrounding peanuts, coins, seeds etc. These make them start choking since they can`t swallow them. Do you wonder what you should and can do if you find yourself in situation like this? Go on reading this post and learn few simple steps that can save your baby from choking.

Step One: Assess the Situation

  • When the baby emits some sounds as wheezing, breathlessness or cough wail opening the mouth it indicates that there might be some foreign object in its mouth.
  • In case the baby is quiet with its mouth open and red or purple faceit means that its breathing is blocked and you must act immediately to help him start breathing normally.
  • If the baby coughs and cries loud it may get rid of the object on its own by coughing. But however if the coughing is weak it will need additional help.

Step Two: Try Eliminating the Object From the Airways

Hitting on the back

  • Put your forearm on the thigh, with the palm up while in a sitting position.
  • Take the baby in a way in which its body will be on your forearm and its stomach leaned on your arm. In this position your hand should hold the baby`s jaw. Make sure that the baby`s head is in lower position than its body.
  • Hit the baby on the back for 5 times. Don’t be scared and don’t panic. Use little bit more strength while doing so.

If this step doesn’t help your baby you should try abdominal pressure.

For this take the baby in your lap and hold his head with the other hand.

  • Here again its head should be lower than its body.
  • Place your free hand two fingers under the baby`s nipples.
  • Press it 5 times for about 4 cm.
  • After this the object should get out of the airways.

Third Step: If case nothing of the above helps your baby, try artificial respiration (CPR)

The video below will help you learn how to successfully perform CPR on a newborn.


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