Every Woman Needs To Know – 3 Unknown Truths About Menstrual Cycle

Various diseases as well as stress have a major impact on menstrual cycle, but it is important to know what having a regular cycle actually means.

When it comes to intimate health, many women leave it in the hands of their doctors through regular control and routine checkups. But there are several things that you should know, which your gynecologist may not tell you, in order to find out the condition of your health, but also to ease menstrual pain and find out what exactly is going on “down there”.

Every Woman Needs To Know - 3 Unknown Truths About Menstrual Cycle

Irregular cycles may not be “irregular”

Some women are not ovulating regularly and therefore do not have regular periods. Stress and diseases can affect menstruation. But it is important to know what a regular cycle really means – from 25 to 35 days from the beginning of bleeding to the next. Many women feel they have an irregular cycle if they do get their cycle every month on the same date, and it is completely the wrong.

Short menstrual cycle may indicate to anemia

If you have heavy bleeding with shorter menstrual cycles (15 days), it could indicate the fact that you have a lack of iron, myoma or low hemoglobin. During the menstrual cycle, women lose around 50-60 ml of blood, which is an amount that should not cause some imbalances in healthy women. So, if you have short cycles, as described, seek medical help and find out what it is.

Loss of fat – loss of menses

If your BMI is too low (8-12), your body puts itself into “system of survival” i.e. amenorrhea (absence of menses) occurs.

Source: timefornaturalhealthcare

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