One of the scariest diagnoses that one woman can get is probably cancer of her breast. Just by mentioning it is causes fear of death, despair and depression. One of eight women will develop invasive cancer in her breast during her lifetime and about 40,000 women yearly are losing their battle with this disease.

What can you do to avoid being a part of these statistics?

There are many preventive measures that you can practice them and can help you to reduce the risk of this vicious disease. You should know that less than 10% of all breast cancer cases are linked to genetics and 90% are linked to external factors. Breast cancer or any other type of cancer can be prevented with some life changes like healthy diet, exercise, avoidance of toxins form any different source and input of vitamin D. This is why you should avoid and carefully select products for personal care, furniture products and other potential toxins that are present daily near you. If you are too much exposed to toxins your development for cancer is increased. The newest researches have revealed the worst causes of cancer:

Antiperspirants and other cosmetics

Parabens are chemicals which are used in cosmetics, antiperspirants and lotions for sunlight. Previous studies showed that all these Parabens have estrogenic activity in cancerous cells in breast. In one study which was published in 2012 was revealed that one or more Parabens-esters were found in 99% of 160 cells from tissue taken from 40 mastectomies. Permanent presence of Parabens in cancerous tissues suggests that antiperspirants and cosmetics may increase the risk of breast cancer. It is thought that antiperspirants are common source of Parabens but researchers say that 7 out of 14 respondents said that they never used antiperspirants. This data shows that regardless of the source, Parabens can accumulate in tissues of breast. They also can be found in many products for personal care, cosmetics and in drugs. This means that products for skin are the biggest triggers in the formation of cancer. Antiperspirants contain other component – called aluminum chloride which acts similarly as ontogenesis that lead to molecular transformations in cancer cells.

Toxins in daily products

Recent studies said that you can reduce the risk for getting breast cancer if you avoid certain chemicals which can be found in everyday products. Every woman is exposed on chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer but, unfortunately the link between toxic chemicals and breast cancer usually is skipped. If people reduce their exposure to chemicals, many lives can be saved. In previous researches, researchers identified 216 chemicals that increase cancer in breasts. In these studies, they focused on 12 chemicals to which women were daily exposed to through food, drugs, air pollution and other similar products. Toxic substances like this are marked as hard flammable materials (fire resistant) and can be found in furniture, carpets and clothes. These poisonous chemicals are present in every household in couches, chairs and similar products like these. Biggest level of these hard flammable materials is noted at newborns. It is estimated that 90% of Americans have hard flammable chemicals in their bodies and many studies link those to the risks of infertility, birth defects, low IQ, behavior problems in children, cancer of liver, kidneys and testicular cancer. Big powerful industries as Big Tobacco and chemical producers are managing campaigns that lead to spread of these chemicals which do not work as they are presented and promised previously. Hardly flammable chemicals belong to the same group as DDT and PCB (organohalogens). These chemicals react with other poisons and create carcinogenic dioxins and furans. The chemical industry declares that the hard flammable materials are increasing the time for escape in case of fire for 15 times. But in reality this is far away from truth. Some independent studies have shown that the most widespread hard flammable chemicals do not provide any advantage to humans; they just increase the amount of toxic chemicals in smoke. Hardly flammable chemicals such as chlorinated tris (TDCPP) is removed from children PJ’s  in 1970 – because of the fact that they can cause cancer but now it is present in couches around the United States. So, buy couches that are made from 100% wool and Kevlar. These materials decelerate fire without additional chemicals.

Other strategies for preventing breast cancer

American Institute for Cancer Research, based on numerous studies, estimated that 40% of cancer cases in United States could have been prevented if people made wiser decisions about their lifestyle.

Food guidelines

  • Reduce or completely remove processed food, sugars and carbohydrates. All kinds of sugar are harmful to health.
  • Limit your protein intake and increase your intake of healthy fats, consume coconut or avocado for example.
  • Intake large amounts of natural vitamin A which prevents breast cancer. This vitamin must be balanced together with vitamin D.
  • Drink 1 liter per day organic juice from green vegetables.
  • Intake sufficient amount of iodine which is required for hormone synthesis.
  • Be careful of your intestines and your intestinal flora.
  • Consume anti- carcinogenic food, herbs and spices as turmeric, cinnamon and broccoli.
  • Remain healthy bodyweight.
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid bras with wire.
  • Sleep enough
  • Improve your sensitivity of insulin/ leptin.
  • Use effective methods for dealing with your stress.
  • Avoid electromagnetic fields.
  • Avoid xenoestrogens, synthetic chemicals that mimic natural estrogens.
  • Breastfeeding should last 6 months.

Source: naturalhealthcareforyou

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