Exercises for Better Love Making

Love making can be one of the most intimate things you can do with another person. It can also be one of the most stressful and pleasurable experience. Love making is a ritualistic form of intimacy that some of us consider necessary. This action can affect us both physical and psychologically. Though the act of sex itself comes from animalistic roots and instincts that is far more complex than our understanding.

Exercises for Better Love Making

This is a great thing, we have managed to evolve as a species and found different ways to improve this form of intimacy. Though, this activity can be physically demanding. Something that our ancestors are more adept to. They were required to do a lot of physical labor for a long period of time and were in great shape. This allowed for a stronger erections, muscular strength and healthy libidos.

Exercises for Better Love Making

The physical activities also gave them endurance and limberness, they were more capable of per forming longer and with different positions without getting exhausted. Thankfully, with enough research, we have found the right training that can help improve love making. Here are some exercises that can help improve your intimate moments.

Cardio To Improve Stamina

When you experience excessive sweating, heavy breathing and exhaustion just a few minutes after you’ve started intercourse, it means that you are most likely out of shape. You need to build up your stamina to keep up with a physically fit partner and this will also help you last longer. Stamina will also allow you to get comfortable in different posture and positions, allow you to feel comfortable with different speed or allow you to adjust to your partner’s pace. A study has shown that people with a higher BMI are more prone to getting libido problems and erectile dysfunction. You can increase your stamina with cardio exercises. Some samples of cardio are jumping rope, swimming, cycling, running, dancing, jogging and so on. Any type of exercise that can help build up your stamina will help you last longer in bed, thus making sex better. Cardio will also help manage stress and hormonal problems caused by excess weight. Perform at least 30 min to an hour worth of cardio every day or every other day. The goal here is to work on your speed while working on your endurance. Don’t go for cardio that require you to go at a
slow pace.

Strength Training for Your Lower Body and Core

When it comes to love making there are three areas that are used the most; the spinal erectors, hip flexors and abdominals. These are the three major areas that require muscular endurance and strength. These are the muscles responsible for the stability of the body, circular and thrusting motions and power. The legs are also an important, you need strong legs for positions that require you to stand, carry your partner and kneel. Below are a few exercises that can help build and strengthen these muscles.

Zercher Squat

This squat is perfect for strengthening the legs in position that require you to stand for a long time, balance yourself on your foot or lifting someone off the ground. Build up your strength using weights that you’re capable of carrying. Lift the weights in your arms between your elbows. Hold onto the weights tightly and separate your feet hip width apart. Slowly bend your knees and perform a full squat. Raise yourself off the ground. This is considered one set repeat for 10 to 1 2 times.

Glute Bridge

This exercise is great for the hips and glutes. Start by lying on the ground shoulder flat on the ground and feet planted to the ground (knees bent). Place your arms to your sides palm facing up. Start the movement by raising your hips off the ground as high as you can. Lower your hips to the ground and repeat this 50 times to a 100. You can use weights to m ake this exercise more challenging.


This exercise target the spinal erectors and should be performed 10 to 12 repetitions for 3 sets. Lay on a bench face down and drag yourself forward. Let your upper body hang from the ground and keep your back and core strong. Place your arms on your chest and lower yourself near the ground and lift yourself up as high as you can. This is considered one repetition.

Source: Healthy Food Palace

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