Extremely Beneficial Mixture with Vegetable Oil and Salt! Massage That Treat Osteochondritis!

Osteochondritis dissecans occurs most often in children and adolescents. It can cause symptoms either after an injury to a joint or after several months of activity, especially high-impact activity such as jumping and running, that affects the joint. The condition occurs most commonly in the knee, but also occurs in elbows, ankles and other joints.

Today we present you one amazing massage mixture for treating Osteochondritis.

If you have this problem, try to prepare this mixture!


  • 10 tablespoons of salt
  • 20 tablespoons of oil (olive or sunflower)
Extremely Beneficial Mixture with Vegetable Oil and Salt! Massage That Treat Osteochondritis!


First mix the salt and the oil in a bowl. Now, put the mixture in a glass bottle. Close it and leave it for a few days in a dark place. You will get a light mixture.


Rub the mixture with a vigorous massage, every morning. Massage 3-4 minutes at the beginning. After the massage, wipe the neck with a wet and warm towel.

Every day, increase the massage duration for another 2-3 minutes, in the event to have 20 minutes for the whole massaging time.

NOTE: This kind of massage may cause minor skin irritation. So, after the end of the massage, wipe the skin with a dry cloth and sprinkle with baby powder.

Repeat the massage for 10 days. Expect significant after 8-10 massages.

This massage will increase the blood circulation, bone tissue, the vision, reestablishes the blood flow in the cervical spine and alleviates headaches, due to the fact that the body is released from toxins, which in turn helps to normalize metabolism.

Note:  This beneficial mixture should be prepared immediately for the entire course of medication.

Source: Health Expert Group

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