Facts About Flatulence

Some farts are smelly, some are noisy, some are both and some are neither. Which one of these you eventually end up passing out is dependent on a few factors. The smelliness of the farts comes from the sulfur present in the hydrogen sulfide, and a sulfur-rich diet causes extremely smelly gas. You can expect foods like cauliflower, beans, cheese, cabbage, meat and eggs to be noxious in their odor. But a bad smell isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it only means that you’re having healthy food that is being digested well. Stinky farts are also generally warmer and quieter than regular farts, and this is because of the bacteria fermentation as well as digestive processes that produce heat as a by-product along with other smelly gases. This means that the released gas is warmer and in a smaller amount than a regular fart, but certainly more powerful than a regular fart in terms of a pungent odor.

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