Fast Diet According To The Structure Of The Body – Losing Weight Quickly And Efficiently.

body Apple-shaped: body of women with this type of structure have the cm of excess junk around your waist and stomach. This usually causes a problem when you want to get some dress that is too tight. But try the following diet surely will get rid of that excess pounds.

-increase the amount of foods high in cellulose (cereals, legumes);
-start the day with fresh fruit;
-reduce the use of animal fats;
-eat lean meat;
-include more soy, fish, and nuts in your diet;
-drink more water and herbal teas;

body PEAR type: the structure as a PEAR is recognized if the woman has expressed the hips and back parts of the body are followed by narrow waist and shoulders. So if you want to reduce the volume of the bottom must do the following:

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