Fasting One Day A Week Is Good For Health? Find Out!

Fasting for long periods(many days) can be a difficult and even dangerous experience for many, especially for those living in stressfull or polluted environments. Yet fasting is the only real natural way to cure or alleviate almost any illness. It’s powerful, effective, quick(that’s why it’s called “fast”ing), and best of all -it’s free. No need to go to the doctor, wait in line, or pay exorbitant fees for treatments that rarely solve your problems or often just make it worse.

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Of course, some problems, such as a broken bone or serious injury may require medical help or assistance, but for most ailments or diseases, fasting is the answer. Your body is your own best doctor and is always trying to heal or regenerate itself -if you let it. That’s just the problem; most of us are so ignorant about our bodies and so addicted to certain bad habits that we never really give it a chance to heal properly. Only through pain and discomfort(the body’s danger signals) are we made to listen. And even then we do not always understand what it is our bodies are trying to tell us.

We just haven’t been taught the truth -that there is a price to pay for our sins, errors, or indulgences, and that they have a cumulative effect. Rich, unnatural, or chemically-laden foods will play havoc with your body, as will stress, overwork, pollution, or dangerous chemicals. Constant exposure to these and other negativities will slowly but surely break you down until you become ill or even die. That is why it is important to give you and your body a break from the maddening world around us. This can be in the form of a long vacation, relaxing weekend, or a fast. Vacations, weekends, or days off do not always turn out to be restorative, but you can’t go wrong with fasting.

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Fasting is the oldest, simplest, and surest way to put your health and spirits back on track. Nothing else works like it. The idea of refraining from food or water for regenerative purposes sounds strange or even frightening to most Westerners, but this is exactly what the(true) doctor ordered. In Eastern countries such as India and the Middle East, fasting is common and encouraged, and we would do well to follow their example. While it is true that stress and pollution make fasting today more dangerous than fifty or sixty years ago, this only applies to the longer fasts of about a week or more. Shorter fasts of one, two, or three days, when done properly, are perfectly safe and beneficial.

The one-day fast seems to be the ideal for most, whether you are a novice or experienced faster. By fasting one day a week(no food whatsoever -water is optional) you are giving your body a much needed true rest and time to catch up on neglected repair or cleaning.

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Important note: Fasting of any kind is not recommended if you are pregnant, informed, on medication, a child, or in any other abnormal circumstances that requires supervision. Also, it is best to fast in a clean and quiet environment.

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