Fight Cancer With Only 4 Tbsp – Per Day Of This

You will need:

– 400 grams of sprouted grains
– 15 fresh lemons
– 1 kg natural honey
– 12 fresh garlic clove
– 400 grams of fresh walnuts

Cook the sprouted grains?

In one glass bowl add the wheat and add water as well. Cover them and leave them to soak overnight. In the morning, you have to drain them and rinse them well and drain them once again. You may use gauze for straining as well. In the end, add them in the bowl and leave them to stay for 24 hours.


Take a grinder and grind the walnuts, sprouted wheat and garlic cloves. Grind the lemons as well, with their peel on. Grind 10 lemons and squeeze the other 5 lemons. Add the lemon juice in the mixture Then grind 10 lemons that should not be peeled and add them as well. The other 5 lemons should be squeezed and added into the mixture.Combine them well and with a wooden spoon add the honey. Close the jar using a tight lid, but first pour the mixture inside. Place the jar in the fridge and start using it 3 days later.

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