Five Foods Not To Eat This Summer!

While drinking enough water is crucial, one must also have the right foods to stay fit and healthy in summer. And some foods can play havoc on the system at this time. Here are the foods that should be avoided…

Too much spice: Spice powders can certainly liven up a meal, but spices also can heat up the body eating as they boost the rate of metabolism.

Spicy Foodkashmirmonitor
Rich non-vegetarian fare: This makes a person sweat more and causes digestive problems. It can also lead to diarrhea.


Oily junk food: You must avoid burgers with meat patties, fries and other oily fare.

Junk Foodfitsugar

Tea and coffee: These are beverages that increase heat in the body so they are definitely avoidable. Did you know that caffeine and other beverages with sugar can actually dehydrate your body, making your face flushed?


Avoid sauces: A sauce is very avoidable too. Sauces  have too much MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and salt.


H/T: Interesting-Facts.Info

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