From A Bottle To A Mosquito Trap In A Few Minutes

Who does not have a strong nuisance for mosquitoes? Each year, with the arrival of summer, we have to deal with these insects lovers of blood, that fill us with unpleasant bites. In the market there are remedies of every kind, more or less effective, in order to remove one of the most annoying insects: lotions to be sprayed on the body, stoves and platelets mosquito coils, insecticides of each type.

All products that contain chemical components: certainly not the best, especially if used in enclosed, poorly ventilated. There is, however, a remedy really cheap, easy to implement and that does not require the use of chemicals, to the benefit of health. Our solution is realized from an object that we all have at home: a plastic bottle. We explain in the following page, how to make a real trap for mosquitoes so simple and effective, can be used both in our home and in outdoor areas.

From A Bottle To A Mosquito Trap In A Few Minutes

To create your trap you will need: a common 2-liter plastic bottle, yeast (1 g), water (200 ml), sugar (4 tablespoons) of black rubber tape, the black cardboard, a saucepan to heat the water.

Once you will have everything you need, you proceed as follows: first, you have to cut the bottle into two parts, then boil the water for a few minutes. Then you pour sugar in the warm water and stir until the grains do not have melted; when the mixture is cooled, it is poured at the bottom of the bottle and at this point is added to the yeast. Be careful, however, not to mix: in this way the C02 will be produced, from which the mosquitoes are attracted.

Finally, take the top of the bottle and, with the neck facing downwards, it is inserted in the lower part, using the rubber tape to put it on the board. The last step consists in covering the bottle, with the exception of the upper part, with the card.

The trap is ready: only have to place it in a dark area and the mosquitoes will be trapped in the bottle, saving us from the annoying bites.

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