From weight loss to good sleep – the many perks of a diet rich in good bacteria

Several health studies have lately focused on the benefits of a diet that includes probiotics (also known as good bacteria) and prebiotics (which act as food for probiotics and promotes their growth) on our overall well-being.

So here we round up the benefits of consuming foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics.

Reduces social anxiety

A 2015 study of 700 students participants found that eating fermented foods, a good source of probiotics, is associated with reduced symptoms of social anxiety.

The study, published in Psychiatry Research, also found that the link between fermented foods and reduced social anxiety was strongest among those who already rated high in neuroticism.

The findings came after an earlier study published in The Lancet Psychiatry stated that an increasing amount of evidence suggests an important relationship between the quality of diet and mental health.

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