Get A Flat Stomach Fast With These Foods

Fat doesn’t necessarily have to be the main reason for your puffy waist, as in many cases, bloating is the one to blame. Slow digestive system is usually the cause, and women over 40 are the most affected.

According to a recent research, following some simple diet and lifestyle tips can help you eliminate the bloating for good and improve the work of your digestive system. By following the advices listed below, you will become skinner, and your stomach will become much flatter and sexier.

Get A Flat Stomach Fast With These Foods

Eat More Potassium- Rich Foods
Eating foods, such as bananas and potatoes can help you lose some extra weight, caused by excess of water in your body. Both potassium and sodium are minerals which are responsible for the excess liquids as well as for regulation of the quantity of water in the system. Keeping these two minerals balanced is of vast importance if you want to avoid ending up with increased sodium levels and your tissues holding on to fluids. In order to maintain the balance, you are recommended to take 4,700 mg of potassium on daily basis. This can be achieved by consuming half a cup cooked spinach, half a cup of steamed edamame, half a cup tomato sauce, one banana, one papaya, one medium baked potato, or one orange.

Eat More Probiotics
According to a research conducted by the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, bacteria imbalance in the gut results in slowing down the digestive system and puffing up the belly. Luckily, there are product that are good for reducing bloating in the belly, as they help the intestinal mobility and relieve constipation. Such products are the ones that contain live bacteria, such as kefir or Greek yogurt. It is recommended to consume 4 ounces of yogurt or kefir on daily basis, both of which are rich in active cultures.

Eat Your Fiber
As constipation often causes distension of the belly, having a breakfast high in fiber can help you get rid of your bloated belly. Starting your day with some fiber can significantly improve your digestion throughout the day. Regular consumption of fiber enables you to maintain a proper function of the digestive system for longer period as well as help you stay active during the whole day.

The best variant of fiber-rich breakfast is cereals. According to a group of researchers from University of Toronto who deal with studying cereals for breakfast, consuming both types of fiber at once is the best choice. When participants consumed both insoluble and soluble fiber, the stayed regular more easily. Both types of fiber pull water in the colon, improve elimination, give you a feeling of lightness and thus, make you feel lighter. You are recommended to opt for bran cereals, especially the ones with GMO-free soy milk, raw honey, almonds, and coconut.

Source: healthybodyandtips

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