Get Rid Of A Headache In Only 3 Minutes

Sooner or later, everyone is tuned-in to this pain.

Massage head – is one way to improve the blood circulation in the problem areas and relief of stress relief.

We propose this method that could help you better than a tablet.

Massage towel – effective way to increase blood circulation in the head and neck, which helps to eliminate pain.

In addition, head massage is very comfortable procedure.

Get Rid Of A Headache In Only 3 Minutes

How does therapeutic massage of the head with the towel:

Select a real towel for this purpose. Roll it into a tight roll, using a spiral motion.

-Good Press the towel on his forehead. Hold it with both hands at the ends in tight condition.

– Move the towel on the head, neck and shoulders. Do this rhythmically, and less unroll the towel to be sufficiently intense massage.

Kegel this procedure over 3-5 minutes – this stimulation will be sufficient to reduce pain. If the pain still persists, take a break of 10 minutes and repeat the massage.

Manual therapists believe that the most common cause of headache -jactitation. Spiral massage towel January relaxed area of ​​the head and neck, acts on the elimination of spasms, positively affect Clenched vertebrae of the neck.

Massaging the head in severe headaches, it is good to be combined with additional therapy: drink mint tea which will affect the relaxation of blood vessels. The pain will quickly disappear!

Source: 7dayshealthy

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