Get Rid Of Back Fat In 90 Days Without Weight Loss Pills

The fat on your back maybe is a big problem for you but it can be solved of course. Even though is hard to lose some weight it is not unworkable. If you are woman you probably had a problem with your tights, butt or hips and if you’re a boy you eventually had problems with your stomach in the lower part of your abs.

Because of one close friend of mine who had big weight problem at the time I made some researches and I found the complete work out for her. After only 3 months she made it and the results were amazing.

Get Rid Of Back Fat In 90 Days Without Weight Loss Pills

I think you should try it and see the results for yourself.

First month

Week 1

You need to start with small steps and do simple exercises. The results are not coming fast. You have to train a little bit harder and be patient. Everything will come in time.

Beginner’s level – do every round for 1 minute with 45 seconds rest between.

Day 1 – reverse fly (beginner’s level – 4 rounds)

Day 2 – standing twist (beginner’s level – 4 rounds)

Day 3 – alternating superman (beginner’s level – 4 rounds)

Day 4 – rest day and yoga. The fourth day you need to have rest or maybe do some yoga for relaxing your body.

Day 5 – seal jumping jacks (beginner’s level – 4 rounds)

Day 6 – bent- over dumbbell rows with a twist)

Day 7 – rest day

Source: healthyfoodstar

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