Get Rid Of The Dark And Dry Skin On Your Elbows!

Low temperatures, dry air, hot water, aggressive cosmetics and the habit of putting your head on your elbows while sitting are factors which lead to dry and dark skin on your elbows which is not a nice sight.

The unwanted “elephant skin” on your elbows may be eliminated with simple homemade skin care products.

How to get rid of dry elbows and knees

Whitening and exfoliation with lemon

Exfoliation is one of the key elements in the care of the rough skin on the elbows because it removes the dead cells layer which is not nice when you touch it and it may lead to appearance of dark spots.

Cut one lemon and drain the juice from one half. Add one big spoon of sugar and ½ small spoon of olive oil in it and mix until you get a mixture which resembles of moist sand. Take the mixture and with circle movements massage your elbows for 2-3 min. Wash your skin with hot water.

With the other lemon half rub your elbows. If there are some leftovers from the lemon pulp on the skin, remove them but don’t wash the skin. Let it dry and wash it after 3-4 hours. Lemon is a natural “whitener”.

Softening the skin with vaseline

You will get rid of dry skin of you use Vaseline. Before taking a shower put a thicker layer on your elbows and put old socks on your arms and elbows. First cut the part where the fingers are. Set the socks so the “heel” is on your elbows. Leave the Vaseline to heal your skin during the night.

If you don’t like to sleep with Vaseline and socks on you than you may apply Vaseline and wrap your elbows with plastic foil. After an hour remove the foil and with a napkin remove the extra Vaseline but don’t wash your skin.

Additional advices

Try to avoid the habit of relying on your elbows. Don’t rely your head on your palms while your elbows are on the desk. As well don’t use the elbows to rely on the table while sitting. The muscles on your back should hold straight the upper part of the body while sitting and not to put your weight on your elbows. When the reason for dry and dark elbows is relying on the desk than only on elbow suffers.

Don’t use too hot water for showering. The hot water dries the skin and the most affected areas of the body are those where the skin is already too dry – elbows, knees and heels.

Exfoliate the skin of the elbows at least once a week with peeling made of lemon and sugar or olive oil and sugar. After the exfoliation it is mandatory to apply Vaseline, body lotion or skin oil.

For hydrating and softening the skin on the elbows after taking shower you may use:
Almond oil;
Olive oil;
Shea butter;
Cocoa butter;
Baby oil.

Consult your dermatologist if your skin is irritated, red or it has wounds.

Source: myfitmagazine

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