Get Rid Of The Unbearable Back Pain In Just 60 Seconds With This Simple Trick!!


Because of our busy schedule and our sitting position while we work, we don’t have the time to stretch our muscles. Usually this can lead to terrible back pains that are exhausting us and we aren`t able to concentrate on our work.

Today everyone has suffered from lower back pain at some point in their life. The lower back pain can be caused by cramps due to stress and fatigue, incorrect sitting or carrying excess load. Unhealthy lifestyle is also a cause for slip discs and back pain. First and the most important thing is to determine where the pain starts, why is it appearing and how to eliminate the thing that is causing the pain.

Many medicines, ointments and sprays are being sold on the market for pain relief. The thing is that the pain sometimes happen at a worst possible moment, when you re out at lunch, in a meeting, etc. Here you can read what to do when this pain occurs and you will learn how to stop the pain in only 60 seconds.

This is a one- minute breathing exercise. The body will be relaxed and the pressure that is causing the pain will be reduced.

Here is what you need to follow:

  • First you need to sit in a comfortable position
  • Relax your body and mind
  • place the tip of your tongue behind the upper row of your front teeth
  • inhale and exhale throughout the nose for four seconds
  • next try to hold your breath for seven seconds
  • exhale from the mouth for eight seconds
  • Repeat these steps three times.

There is one other exercise that you can also perform to get rid of the lower back pain. Follow the instructions:

  • get down on the ground and lie on your stomach leaning back on your elbows
  • While leaning on the elbows lift the upper part of your body. Raise your head and maintain this position for eight seconds
  • return to the first position
  • you can repeat these steps two times
  • Next turn on your back with your knees bent. Place your arms along the body.
  • Lift up the pelvic region and stay up for eight seconds. Return down again.
  • Still lying on your back, bend the legs near your knees and hold the legs with your hands.
  • Pull the legs towards the chest and stay like that for eight seconds.
  • Go back to the first position. You can repeat this exercise on your back two times.

You need to exercise this every night before going to bed to permanently get rid of your back pain. Another solution is to be more active during the day.


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