Girl Was Sick for Years until Her Sister Asked What She Was Drinking

Rhonda Gesser has published a story on her blog in order to warn people about the “killer in your fridge” about which we are not aware at all. The story was about a chronically sick woman. Strangely, her sister asked if she drunk diet soda while she was just getting ready to. Further on, presents some fascinating facts about aspartame!

  1. Excruciating pain

The woman fell sick all of a sudden. She was constantly having pain in her stomach followed by severe stomach spasms.

  1. She just knew she was dying!

By March 2002, she had had performed several muscle and tissue biopsies. And at that period, she was taking even 24 prescribed remedies. Doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong.

  1. The last hooray!

Then she started to write will in order to give all the possessions to her daughter, and was about to make her “last hooray” to Florida in March 2002.

  1. She didn’t feel 100%

Then she stopped consuming diet soda and announced that she wasn’t feeling 100%, but there were significant improvements in her health. In just 32 hours, she was out of her wheelchair with only ONE prescribed remedy for curing Aspartame poisoning!

  1. Now aspartame free!

Since it is 200 times sweeter in comparison to sugar, the aspartame is used for many foods and drinks because just a small amount of it offers the same of level of sweetness as the sugar does. In addition, it reduces the number of calories in foods.

  1. Eat healthy, stay healthy

Although aspartame is one of the strongest sweeteners used instead of sugar, it turned out to be surprisingly unhealthy. Researches proved that many people happen to suffer from aspartame poisoning while being misdiagnosed with MS.

Source: Health Online Central

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