Give your spouse this snoring-juice remedy before bed and NEVER wake up to snoring again

juice remedy for snoring

There’s nothing worse than waking up to the sound of someone snoring. Maybe that someone is you.

What is snoring?

Snoring is that annoying sound you hear coming from the other side of your bed, which often disrupts your peaceful slumber. In some cases, you may hear this grunt-like noise coming from the other side of your house. The sound of snoring ranges in volume and timbre; from a soft drawn out whistle to that of a lawn mower being revved up.

From a medical standpoint, snoring is a common condition that can occur in anyone. It occurs when the airway from the mouth to the nose is obstructed. For instance, children with long tonsils tend to snore as this large tissue ends up blocking some of the air flow from their nose to the throat.

What are the causes of snoring?

Snoring affects men and those who are overweight more frequently than others. As well, it tends to worsen with age. Other causes of snoring may include:

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • cold
  • nasal congestion
  • sinus infection
  • sleep posture
  • deep sleep
  • excess mucus

What are the health risks of snoring?

While the occasional snore isn’t a big deal, habitual snorers may begin to experience health problems, such as interruptions in breathing. This can lead to a poor night’s sleep, which can have a domino effect on other areas of your life, such as poor work performance due to feeling drowsy and lack of energy for daily activities.

How can I reduce snoring?

One of the best remedies for clearing up your airways is juicing. Juicing consists of consuming the ingredients raw, thus you’re able to reap all the benefits that the nutrients have to offer as they stay intact. In addition, juicing allows for easier digestion. Here’s a very simple juice recipe to help you reduce snoring:

Apple Carrot Lemon Ginger Snore Remedy


  • 2 Apples
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1/4 Lemon
  • 1″ stick of Ginger

Note: This recipe is more of a guideline. The amount of each ingredient may vary according to individual preference, but I would recommend increasing the vegetable ratio if you are going to change anything as juices that are fruit-heavy contain more sugar.

Now combine your ingredients and juice them together!

The anti-inflammatory properties found in these ingredients will help open up your airways and clear your sinuses of excess mucus. Here’s to a good night’s sleep.


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