Goodbye Cholesterol – Blood Glucose – Lipids And Triglycerides


A few years ago, I was amazed,  by the blood results that one former professor showed me.

The blood test was shoking because the five key parameters: blood glucose, urea, cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids, had values which far exceeded the normal levels. According to this professor, the person with this kind of blood in his system should already be dead, or extremely stubborn. I was even more amazed when my teacher showed me the name of that person.

The results were his. After the shock, I asked him the one question that pop in my mind: How, and what did you do?

He just smiled and showed me another sheet analysis, saying: “Now, look at this, compare the values of the parameters and see the dates.”That’s what I did. When a looked, I saw that the parameter values were within the recommended range, the blood was flawless. The shocking news was that his blood changed only after just one month.

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