Grains Of Corn What A Passion!

Crackling and tasty, simple corn kernels are transformed into delicious popcorn to munch on at the cinema or watching a film on television or the match of your team. But what is their origin? And most importantly, there are special ways to prepare them?

The popcorn can be defined a snack which is obtained by the cooking of corn grains of the type Everta. Literally the translation of popcorn is corn burst: nothing simpler.

Grains Of Corn What A Passion!

Its traditional preparation (avoiding those used at industrial level) plans to oiling a normal pan in which the corn kernels are poured in an amount such as not to completely fill the bottom. Put a lid over the pan is necessary to hold the grains at the time of the outbreak, which marks their transformation into popcorn. The pan should be shaken to roll the grains and prevent them from burning once broke out waiting until every grain are ready (something which you realize when stop the crackling). It’s just one minute to cook the corn and, when you remove the pan from the heat and raised the lid, concludes the preparation salting the popcorn. The oil used may be replaced by butter or margarine.

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