Have Constipation? Do You Know We Go To Bathroom In a Wrong Way? See!

Constipation is a common problem, which makes difficult a practice critical to human well-being. The phenomenon of defecation has always been the subject of studies and curiosity, even by Giulia Enders, author of Charming Bowls.

Overcoming Constipation

The PhD student in medical biology argues in his book, that the problem lies in the difficulty to evacuate position we take: sit on the toilet, in a few words, does not help. This is because, if we sit, the intestine undergoes a pressure which does not allow him to open up completely, making it difficult to “practice“.

For an evacuation easier, however, it should take the squat position, in other words lift your legs from the cup. In this way, the intestine is urged to open up more easily, avoiding not only the problem of constipation, but reducing the risk of diverticulosis and haemorrhoids.

The German author, then focuses to mention another point, namely the two sphincters in the human body: an external one, which is what we are all aware of and one internal, whose functionality does not depend on us but is unconscious.

It is that, in practice, that communicates the stimulus to defecation that, if ignored for some time, causes constipation and other disorders of intestinal nature. Another item under discussion in the book is the bacterial flora, which resides in the gut and which performs tasks such as digestion, energy production and basic hormones. Its operation also may have positive or negative effects on our moods: it is worth taking care.

Helpful hints for those who suffer from constipation, but also for those who have curiosity on the subject. After reading this, all we could see in a new light a phenomenon so common that we take for granted, but that in the end is crucial for the welfare of the organism.

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