Have You Been Eating These 7 Foods? They Can Cause Constipation

Have You Been Eating These 7 Foods? They Can Cause Constipation

  • Lack of fiber, dehydration or a lack of exercise causes constipation
  • Too much caffeine can cause constipation
  • White bread is high on starch and can lead to delayed digestion

Constipation is an uncomfortable situation that puts your gut in trouble. Being constipated simply means that your bowel movements are tough or irregular as they happen less often than normal. Going any longer than three days may pose a problem as the stool tends to become harder and difficult to pass. The most obvious causes of constipation are lack of fiber in your diet, not drinking enough water or a lack of exercise but there are some other possible causes of constipation that you may have not considered up until now.

According to Delhi-based Nutritionist Dr. Tapasya Mundhra, “Taking supplements for calcium and iron can also cause constipation in some people. Therefore, always make sure that you add a lot of fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet if you’re taking these supplements to avoid constipation.” Besides this, there are certain foods that may cause constipation when eaten in excess or at the wrong time. Have a look.

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