Have You Been Eating These 7 Foods? They Can Cause Constipation

1. Unripe bananas

You may have heard that bananas are full of fiber and help in relieving constipation, but we are talking about unripe bananas here. According to Dr. Tapasya Mundhra, “Unripe bananas with the green skin can cause constipation as they are high in starch which makes your body work harder to digest then and therefore, they move sluggishly through the digestive tract.”
2. Caffeine
Can’t get through your day without too many cups of tea and coffee? It’s time to make a few changes. Too much caffeine can cause constipation. “Caffeine stimulates your colon but too much of it can also cause dehydration which can leave you constipated,” explains Dr. Tapasya Mundhra.

3. White bread

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