He Decided To Eat Only Potatoes For 1 Year – Here Are The Results After Only One Month!

Andrew Flinders started a ‘potato experiment” in hopes to change his attitude towards the food and the dependence toward it. He decided to consume only potato for 365 days along with few spices and couple of other supplements among them.

When he measured himself, he had 151.5 kg and was no satisfied with his weight.

This idea came to him after he realized that he was obsessed with food. So, he started preparing potatoes in different ways with minimal use of herbs and spices preparing boring meals so that he does not think of them during the day. The diet started on January, 1 and until now he has shredded 10 pounds. He warns people that this is his project, and not a diet which can be adopted by people. He only wants to improve his attitude towards food and is not being paid to do this kind of thing, nor is trying to sell a product.


Many think this is not a clever idea as it is not a healthy idea. A lot of different foods should be entered in the body in small amounts to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. Joseph Projeto, a University of Melbourne professor of medicine, says that of you consume the same food all the time you will not give the necessary needs to your body.

Source: HealthyTipsWorld

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