He Had These White Dots On His Fingernails. The Reason Behind It Is Very Serious…

In general, every one of us has had some of these white spots on their fingernails. They can mean different things, but they always tell you that something’s not right. It’s very important to know what causes them and do something to cure them.

Causes of white spots on nails

Nail injuries

These white spots are called leukonychia. If the base of nail, which is known as matrix, is injured, these white dots or line can appear on the nails. They don’t appear right after the injury, so you might not think that they are caused by it. Types of injuries that can be the cause for these spots are banging the finger on the door, or the countertop or with a hammer. Frequent manicures can also injure the nail.

Allergic reactions

Sometimes, nail polishes, nail hardeners, or nail polish removers can cause allergic reaction. Also, acrylic nails damage the nail base.

Zinc deficiency

A Lack of this metal, that is normally found in the human body causes white spots or streaks on the nail.

The problem can be solved by change of diet.

Foods that contain zinc are oysters, baked beans, yogurt, crab, beef shanks, pork shoulder, spinach, nuts and whole grains.

Protein deficiency

A lack of protein causes horizontal lines across the nail bed known as Muehrcke’s lines. As they appear on the nail bed, not on the nail plate, they won’t grow out with your nails.

The lines will go away when the levels of protein are back to normal. Sometimes, these lines mean that you have a liver disease. If you want to see if the lines are Muehrcke’s lines, press the nail plate and if the lines disappear they are Muehrcke’s lines.

Foods that are high in protein are: turkey beast, fish (salmon, tuna), pork loin, lean beef, tofu, beans, yogurt, soymilk, nuts and seeds.

Calcium deficiency

People believe that calcium deficiency causes leukonychia, probably due to the fact that nail strengtheners are rich with calcium. Some products even include “calcium” in their name.

Add calcium in your diet by drinking orange juice, or any other food or drink high in calcium.

Serious diseases

It is very important to consult your doctor right away if you see any discoloration in your nails as they can sometimes be symptoms of serious disease.

  • White spot can be a result of a liver disease like hepatitis and cirrhosis.
  • Nails can turn partially white if you have a kidney disease. It usually affects nails that are white or pink.
  • Nails can turn pale or white due to anemia which is a sign of iron deficiency. Include more iron by eating leafy greens and meats, and stay away from dairy.
  • In some cases a person may have abnormally shaped and thin fingernails that have raised ridges which curve inward. This condition is known as koilonychias.
  • Consume more foods rich in vitamin C
  • Consume foods high in Zinc, Iron and Sulphur

White spots can be a sign of zinc, sulphur or iron deficiency. Make sure you eat food that contains these elements and at the same times consume balanced amount of supplements.

Source: Health Online Central

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