He Places Tape Over His House Key And Shows A Brilliant Trick I Never Knew Worked

They get locked in the car, stuck in the freezer, or tossed with the trash. Many of us lose our keys on a regular basis, but fortunately there are clever ways to prevent the frustration that follows.


Hide And Seek

Keep a spare around your property to avoid those frustrating moments when you find yourself locked out of the house. Use packing tape to secure a key to a rock and hide in a place you will remember to look.

Keep In A Pill Bottle

If you want your key stored and hidden away, use a pill bottle to hold the key and glue a rock to the lid. Then, look for the perfect hiding spot!

Unusual Hiding Place

Place a spare key behind your license plate. Line up the keyhole with one of the screw holes on your license plate, then add a screw to hold it in place.

No More Confusion

Keys can look similar, so instead of struggling to find the one that works for your door, create a color code system! Just add a layer of glue and wrap some colorful yarn around the top of your key.

Nail Polish Works Too!

Add some colorful nail polish to the top of a key for color coding. You can even add Scotch tape while applying the polish to create a block design.

Frozen Locks?

Winter months can often bring cold mornings with frozen car doors and locks. A simple trick for melting that ice away is to apply hand sanitizer to your key before unlocking your car.

Designated Spot

Keep them in one place with a keyholder. This can cut down on the time spent trying to find lost keys. If you don’t have a keyholder, you can easily make one using Legos! See how here.

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